Ukraine is an European country. It has a population about 45 million. It is situated between Europe and Russia. Ukraine is been pulled from both sides for years. Russia is trying to make Ukraine more Russian for more than 2 centuries. The president of Ukraine, Viktor Yanukovych is a favor of Russia. Therefore he rejected the economic deal with European Union and excepted 15, billion dollars bailout from the Russia.

      After seeing that the president sold the country to Russia for money, Ukrainians started protesting. The people of Ukraine want to join European Union and become a part of Europe. Due to the crisis situation in the county the president Viktor Yanukovych ran away from the the country. The new president Arseniy Yatsenyuk, accused Yanukovich’s government on saying that $ 37 billion had disappeared in an unknown direction.Yanukovych, now is under Russia’s protection, hadn’t been heard from since he fled away to Kiev.

       Ukraine has put him on an international wanted list and hopes to send him to the International Criminal Court for a trial. Media played an important role in the successful uprising of Ukraine. Alleast they became successful in taking away the presidency from Yanukovych. If the media had not covered the crisis through which Ukraine was going, he would not get support from other countries to fight against there president. Media and also the social media both played an important role in the uprising of the Ukraine. 







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