Do you know who’s watching you


           The people who use social networking sites should be concerned about the privacy of there personal stuff. In today’s world almost every one use some kind of social networking site. In todays cyber world people should be aware of the fact that who is watching them or keeping track of their activity. Now a days people are show concern towards this issue and becoming aware of the importance of privacy and securing their information on the web. The Internet has become a serious threat to our privacy. Most people do not have any  idea this is going on over the internet. What ever information a person puts online on the web could be seen by anyone regardless of its purpose. Right now, this tracking of the web is mainly done for the marketing purpose. But the prospective of abuse or misuse of the information is enormous, since this information can also be used by insurance companies, financial institutions, landlords and prospective employers.

           There is no limit of what kind of information can be viewed saved or used for any purpose. Its just not the government who is watching us for the safely related issues, but also the hackers and other private companies. They might harm us in any way. There are several apps which people are using to prevent their personal information, but no one is sure whether those apps work or not. If I talk about myself I would say that what ever I do on my personal laptop is personal to me. Since I came to know about this web privacy issues, I am a little more concern about my Facebook and Twitter accounts. Now before posting anything I think over it before posting. I personally feel that that yes I do have problem with government or any corporation who is keeping track of my personal stuff. If these corporations have to keep track that should be limited so some extend. The government or any corporation should not interferer  in ones private matter.


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