Aaron Swartz       

        Aaron swartz became famous as a computer programmer and internet activist. He was born on November 8, 1986  and died in January 2013. At the age of 14, he helped create RSS, the nearly ubiquitous tool that allows users to subscribe to online information. He turned many web files free and open to the public.This made him an internet folk hero. later in 2011 is was accused of gaining illegal access to JSTOR, which contains mostly scientific and literary journals. Aaron Swartz downloaded about 4.8 million articles and documents from JSTOR, almost their entire library.

Aaron created a surprising new things that changed the flow of information around the world, and it also became the reason of him death. The legal changes on him  includes computer fraud and wire fraud. Huge penalties were imposed for the fraud with JSTOR. The court ordered him and 35 years of prison and and $ 1 million fine. After this he committed suicide in an apartment in Brooklyn New York, where he had hanged himself to death. His story is a great example of intellectual property law. Legal system provides certain rights and protections for owners of property. It states that steeling any writing of creating work of other is a crime which could result in great penalties.








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