The World is Flat

        “The world is Flat” is a book written by Thomas L. Friedman, a history of 21st century. This book is one of the best selling books of the 21st century. In this book Thomas L. Friedman criticizes the fact that the world has become Globalized and is still getting more and more. In his book he mentioned his trip to Bangalore, India which made him realize that the world has been changed totally. It has become globalized. He named this idea “The world is flat”. The globalization has increased till the extend that it is very easy to reach almost everything. It is now a smaller place to interact and also to do business.

         In this book Thomas L. Friedman  has mentioned many example about globalization. Globalization has a lot of positive things and at the same time it also consist of negative aspects. Its Technology that has caused Globalization throughout the world. It has connected the world by itself. Now we will talk about some advantages and disadvantages of globalization. It can get a nation out of poverty, it helps in trade, helps progress a country, create employment, lower the cost of labor, fast and easy to reach anyone around the globe, allowed China, India and many other countries to become a part of global supply and manufacturing.

                   At the same time globalization also does have disadvantages. 9/11 attack is one of the greatest example of globalization, The war in Iraq, Afghanistan is another great example of globalization. The to globalization companies suffer great competition, Prices of product vary. Due to globalization small businesses and companies go bankrupt 



Internet Data Breach

          After reading the article on data breach at Target and what NSA said about the Internet security I felt that Internet security is a critical issue. As the technology is getting more and more advanced and user friendly it is also becoming unsafe at the same time. The way hacker access the private information, it could be used to destroy the company and also to harm the consumers. It also does results in the business failure of the companies and a huge loss. The data breach at Target is a terrible thing that could happen with and organization. It affected their personal and financial information. It is not the first time that an incident of data breach took place. There are other companies also who became victim of data breach.

         In my view I believe that  Individuals or organizations do owe the responsibility to the public to report any digital security failures because letting the public aware about such failure issues might  help the company or organization to improve the security of the software or any program that uses digital software.  It is necessary to report any digital security failures because individuals and organizations would be able to address the issue faster and without any skepticism or doubt. It will be a great help or the company and also to the people who are attached to it in any way like consumers or customers. 

              I as a customer of any company definitely have the right to know that who has accessed or copied the information that I shared with the company. It might affect me or I might be suffer from frauds. If i know that what information of mine is leaked or shared I could safe myself from the theft. After knowing that Internet security is been breached in different ways I will be less likely to shop online. I will be more careful when ever I buy something online. At first I will choose not to shop online, but in today’s world it is a bit difficult to do that. I will recommend to use the site which are secure. To change my opinion about online shopping from less likely to more likely seems a bit difficult. It is only possible if a security system is introduced where I authorize my transaction verbally, by finger print or by a actual signature. In addition to this I am also sure that my account information is not shared or saved by the company. 



Illegal Downloading

         Illegal download is a kind of stealing. There are laws of Copyright which are designed to protect the intellectual property of people who produce something. The  laws designed to protect people’s work do not really work, due to todays advanced technology. Thing are available online free of cost which can be downloaded and taken advantage free of cost. There is not justice to the owner of a certain thing.  There are many ways to get any digital file online for free. Over the years, Internet service providers have faced a lot of pressure from all sides. If they have to ban illegal downloaders, they lose revenue. 

         When illegal downloading occur, it means that taking of copyrighted material and intellectual property has happened without the owner’s permission. As a result, they do not get proper compensation for the work they created. If someone steal a thing physically is it considered as a crime then why stealing over the internet is not? It is difficult to answer this question because people put stuff over the internet for others to use and there is no way to stop someone from doing it. Illegal downloading is not a victimless crime. people do it for a multiple reasons. I believe if someone bought a thing and personally shared it with the other person whom he or she knows is ok. Since you have bought the item, you owe it and you can decide to share it with other personally. Uploading things over the Internet for everyone to take benefit is not appropriate.   



       During the past few years, the word “MOOC” has become part of the higher education lexicon.  It’s a “Massive Open Online Course” that anyone with an Internet connection can attend for free. These classes are aimed at expanding a university’s reach from thousands of tuition-paying students who live in town, to millions of students around the world. In addition to traditional course materials MOOC also provide things such as videos, readings, and problem sets. MOOC has connected it’s users in such a way that they are like a huge community of  students, professors, and teaching assistants. MOOC is a great example of collectivism where people of same interest come together and are connected through MOOC. The most amazing thing about t is that its free for everyone. 

       Sebastian Thrun and Peter Norvig developed the first MOOC in 2011. The organization which offered it is HASTAC, the work for new modes of learning and research in higher education. Sebastian Thrun, is the  co-founder and CEO of Udacity, a company that’s trying to change the world’s preconceived notions about higher education. Sebastian Thrun said earlier that MOOC is not effective for undergraduate education, and it cannot replace the college. recently he said that “the thing I’m insanely proud of right now is I think we’ve found the magic formula”. He also said that “I think we’ll be just like a university, but we’ll be a university for the 21st century”. This shows that MOOC has got popular among the people since few years, and with the advancement in the technology we look forward that it is going to replace the college and university. The whole concept of education will be given a new platform. 



Udacity founder: MOOCs can help the economy, even if they can’t replace college