During the past few years, the word “MOOC” has become part of the higher education lexicon.  It’s a “Massive Open Online Course” that anyone with an Internet connection can attend for free. These classes are aimed at expanding a university’s reach from thousands of tuition-paying students who live in town, to millions of students around the world. In addition to traditional course materials MOOC also provide things such as videos, readings, and problem sets. MOOC has connected it’s users in such a way that they are like a huge community of  students, professors, and teaching assistants. MOOC is a great example of collectivism where people of same interest come together and are connected through MOOC. The most amazing thing about t is that its free for everyone. 

       Sebastian Thrun and Peter Norvig developed the first MOOC in 2011. The organization which offered it is HASTAC, the work for new modes of learning and research in higher education. Sebastian Thrun, is the  co-founder and CEO of Udacity, a company that’s trying to change the world’s preconceived notions about higher education. Sebastian Thrun said earlier that MOOC is not effective for undergraduate education, and it cannot replace the college. recently he said that “the thing I’m insanely proud of right now is I think we’ve found the magic formula”. He also said that “I think we’ll be just like a university, but we’ll be a university for the 21st century”. This shows that MOOC has got popular among the people since few years, and with the advancement in the technology we look forward that it is going to replace the college and university. The whole concept of education will be given a new platform. 



Udacity founder: MOOCs can help the economy, even if they can’t replace college




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