Illegal Downloading

         Illegal download is a kind of stealing. There are laws of Copyright which are designed to protect the intellectual property of people who produce something. The  laws designed to protect people’s work do not really work, due to todays advanced technology. Thing are available online free of cost which can be downloaded and taken advantage free of cost. There is not justice to the owner of a certain thing.  There are many ways to get any digital file online for free. Over the years, Internet service providers have faced a lot of pressure from all sides. If they have to ban illegal downloaders, they lose revenue. 

         When illegal downloading occur, it means that taking of copyrighted material and intellectual property has happened without the owner’s permission. As a result, they do not get proper compensation for the work they created. If someone steal a thing physically is it considered as a crime then why stealing over the internet is not? It is difficult to answer this question because people put stuff over the internet for others to use and there is no way to stop someone from doing it. Illegal downloading is not a victimless crime. people do it for a multiple reasons. I believe if someone bought a thing and personally shared it with the other person whom he or she knows is ok. Since you have bought the item, you owe it and you can decide to share it with other personally. Uploading things over the Internet for everyone to take benefit is not appropriate.   



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