The World is Flat

        “The world is Flat” is a book written by Thomas L. Friedman, a history of 21st century. This book is one of the best selling books of the 21st century. In this book Thomas L. Friedman criticizes the fact that the world has become Globalized and is still getting more and more. In his book he mentioned his trip to Bangalore, India which made him realize that the world has been changed totally. It has become globalized. He named this idea “The world is flat”. The globalization has increased till the extend that it is very easy to reach almost everything. It is now a smaller place to interact and also to do business.

         In this book Thomas L. Friedman  has mentioned many example about globalization. Globalization has a lot of positive things and at the same time it also consist of negative aspects. Its Technology that has caused Globalization throughout the world. It has connected the world by itself. Now we will talk about some advantages and disadvantages of globalization. It can get a nation out of poverty, it helps in trade, helps progress a country, create employment, lower the cost of labor, fast and easy to reach anyone around the globe, allowed China, India and many other countries to become a part of global supply and manufacturing.

                   At the same time globalization also does have disadvantages. 9/11 attack is one of the greatest example of globalization, The war in Iraq, Afghanistan is another great example of globalization. The to globalization companies suffer great competition, Prices of product vary. Due to globalization small businesses and companies go bankrupt 



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