Do you Know Who is Watching You

          I totally agree with the fact that if someone post a picture online on any of those social networking sites, It becomes easier for anyone to search you and also access the information you have posted. One some be very careful which posting anything online because it could be used by anyone to harm you in anyways. All those social networking site are said to be safe and also we do have certain privacy options, but certainly they are not. We cannot deny the fact that now a days internet security is not safe. The hackers breach the security to gain the information that is private to you. Anything posted on the world wide web is not safe at all you are not aware that who is viewing accessing or using the pictures you posted. One could also create a fake profile or account in your name and misuse it. 

          The new wearable Technologists which have been introduced are the result of globalization. One of the most famous and advanced technology is Google Glass. It is a wearable computer introduced  by Google,and does work like a mobile deice or a computer. It does  multiple tasks like it can record videos, listen to to voice commands, search anything on the web, checking emails. In other words one can connects the mobile or computer with the Google glass and work thought the shades on the eyes. The technology like Google glass will definitely increase the crowd surveillance. There are multiple reasons for it. Its been used in the big stores, people are actually getting paid to report and problem or shoplifting. Some people might join it for fun, to do research, and many other reasons. There is just a small fee to join, and them u are able to view the world while sitting anywhere. I believe it is a problem that comes through new technologies. There is no privacy of anyone’s life. A people is not even aware of who is watching you. The person watching can take anything out of the clip and use it in anyway. 




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