Digital Shadow

           I had never seen a thing like Digital shadow before. When I logged into it from my Facebook account I was able to see almost every thing that I had ever done. It summarizes each and every thing done on Facebook and presents it in a way that it only takes a while to learn everything about a person. Now comes the question what does it really do? Alternate reality gamesuse the real world as the backdrop for a story or learning experience. Clues to a problem may be seeded in different locations and in different media elements and left for players to piece together, usually as part of a team. Behind the scenes, game organizers (aka puppet masters) control the flow of tasks and technology use.  

              I am not much aware of things like Digital shadow, There might be a variety of things like Digital shadow. They all serve the same purpose. Whether or not it is better or powerful depends on the person who is using it. It depends on the purpose its being used. If it provides the data that is needed it is considered better and powerful. After viewing my own Facebook account through I would say that, no thing thing like online privacy exits in today’s world. Any thing that is on the world wide web is no more secure or it was not secure since ever. We were not aware of it fact. One should be very careful while using all the social networking sites. The are designed to gain different kinds of information about the people. Organization do have access to the social sites like Facebook in order to obtain information about the individual. 





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