Aaron Swartz       

        Aaron swartz became famous as a computer programmer and internet activist. He was born on November 8, 1986  and died in January 2013. At the age of 14, he helped create RSS, the nearly ubiquitous tool that allows users to subscribe to online information. He turned many web files free and open to the public.This made him an internet folk hero. later in 2011 is was accused of gaining illegal access to JSTOR, which contains mostly scientific and literary journals. Aaron Swartz downloaded about 4.8 million articles and documents from JSTOR, almost their entire library.

Aaron created a surprising new things that changed the flow of information around the world, and it also became the reason of him death. The legal changes on him  includes computer fraud and wire fraud. Huge penalties were imposed for the fraud with JSTOR. The court ordered him and 35 years of prison and and $ 1 million fine. After this he committed suicide in an apartment in Brooklyn New York, where he had hanged himself to death. His story is a great example of intellectual property law. Legal system provides certain rights and protections for owners of property. It states that steeling any writing of creating work of other is a crime which could result in great penalties.








Do you know who’s watching you


           The people who use social networking sites should be concerned about the privacy of there personal stuff. In today’s world almost every one use some kind of social networking site. In todays cyber world people should be aware of the fact that who is watching them or keeping track of their activity. Now a days people are show concern towards this issue and becoming aware of the importance of privacy and securing their information on the web. The Internet has become a serious threat to our privacy. Most people do not have any  idea this is going on over the internet. What ever information a person puts online on the web could be seen by anyone regardless of its purpose. Right now, this tracking of the web is mainly done for the marketing purpose. But the prospective of abuse or misuse of the information is enormous, since this information can also be used by insurance companies, financial institutions, landlords and prospective employers.

           There is no limit of what kind of information can be viewed saved or used for any purpose. Its just not the government who is watching us for the safely related issues, but also the hackers and other private companies. They might harm us in any way. There are several apps which people are using to prevent their personal information, but no one is sure whether those apps work or not. If I talk about myself I would say that what ever I do on my personal laptop is personal to me. Since I came to know about this web privacy issues, I am a little more concern about my Facebook and Twitter accounts. Now before posting anything I think over it before posting. I personally feel that that yes I do have problem with government or any corporation who is keeping track of my personal stuff. If these corporations have to keep track that should be limited so some extend. The government or any corporation should not interferer  in ones private matter.


      Ukraine is an European country. It has a population about 45 million. It is situated between Europe and Russia. Ukraine is been pulled from both sides for years. Russia is trying to make Ukraine more Russian for more than 2 centuries. The president of Ukraine, Viktor Yanukovych is a favor of Russia. Therefore he rejected the economic deal with European Union and excepted 15, billion dollars bailout from the Russia.

      After seeing that the president sold the country to Russia for money, Ukrainians started protesting. The people of Ukraine want to join European Union and become a part of Europe. Due to the crisis situation in the county the president Viktor Yanukovych ran away from the the country. The new president Arseniy Yatsenyuk, accused Yanukovich’s government on saying that $ 37 billion had disappeared in an unknown direction.Yanukovych, now is under Russia’s protection, hadn’t been heard from since he fled away to Kiev.

       Ukraine has put him on an international wanted list and hopes to send him to the International Criminal Court for a trial. Media played an important role in the successful uprising of Ukraine. Alleast they became successful in taking away the presidency from Yanukovych. If the media had not covered the crisis through which Ukraine was going, he would not get support from other countries to fight against there president. Media and also the social media both played an important role in the uprising of the Ukraine. 







The situation in Syria is continuously getting worse. There is a war going between civilians and the government of syria. The president of Syria Bashar-al-Assad is serving the country since the year 2000, when his father Hafeez- al-Assad died. The president Bashar-al-Assad became the president as a result of dictatorship. The people of Syria is highly againt him now, but the people in his party do support him. The public wants an end the the dictatorship now. The are fighting for the rights. As a result of this Syria is is state of a civil war. The neighboring countries Turkey and Saudi Arabia are  also supporting the Syrian rebel. Where as Iran, Russia and Lebnan are supporting the government.The people are dying daily due to the war situation between the civilians and government  of Syria. The government is also using chemical attacks to kill the opposition. Syrian government ordered the chemical attack and that the assault killed 1,429 people. The intelligence reported that the military had been preparing for the attack for three days prior to the launch. This war began in 2011 and till now as an estimate  more than 100,000 people have died in the clashes between President Bashar al-Assad’s government and rebel forces who want him to leave the power.





      Civil duty is basically the duty of civilizations towards there country. The definition of civic duty is based on the principle that citizens owe some responsibilities to their government and that government in turn protects its citizens. Civic duties refer to the responsibilities of citizens. The rights that the citizen of a country enjoys also correspond  the civil duty of the government towards their people. Every citizen must obey there duties. The most basic examples of civil duties are obeying the law, serving on a jury, paying taxes, and voting. 

        The citizenship is as a legality for everybody who is a citizen of the nation. Every citizen of a nation is eligible for the benefits provided by the government to its citizens. In return the citizens also have some duties which they should fulfill. In addition to these legal duties the law places obligations on persons by virtue of their citizenship. These obligations are referred to as civic duties and responsibilities. The citizen must therefore, be as fully aware of his civic duties and responsibilities. The public- spirited citizen will always try to strike a balance, and find a proper relationship, between his rights and his duties and responsibilities. It is a simple give and take process.

         One should be sure that he or she is maintaining a balance. Not doing anything for the country and seeking to be blessed by the benefits provided by government is not a right thing to do. We should, therefore, be just as concerned with our duties and responsibilities as we are with our rights. It is essential that we try hard to find the proper relationship between rights and duties and responsibilities. I do agree with the statement that there is a thing called civil duty. Everyone does own to fulfill those duties till the extent it is possible for an individual. It plays an important role in the development and progress of a country.